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Guest Designer- Amanda Snow


I have had the true privilege of connecting with Amanda of Snow and Company on Etsy. Not only will her story move you, her heart shows in her work. Because of the following email from her, we’ve decided to launch a “guest designer” series. Our guest designers will be featured on the back of MBC prints and we’ll be featuring their story on the blog. This MBC community is full of truly brave + inspiring people and we can't wait to share their goodness.

From Amanda: “I ordered from MBC right after my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. In the cup, there was some artwork that said "One can make a day of any size." It gave us a whole lot of hope!”

So… the prints you see here have a story behind them and to me, the background story to a product means a whole lot. Keep reading - you’ll be glad you did!

My husband (Matt) is KILLING IT. God has blown us away with Matt's healing and done a number on our hearts as well. He is working, happy and healthy. He was able to stop chemo in September and has had clear scans ever since. His next one is on Feb. 10. The doctors say that this cancer is one that could come back two years from now, fifteen years from now, anywhere in between or maybe never. But we know in our hearts that God has healed him! Prayers are always coveted.

The Story Behind the Prints:

Ever Grateful: Especially during this time with Matt and cancer, we are often so aware of what God has done and is doing for us. As we continue on in health, we don't ever want to forget what He has brought us out of. And we look forward to the future. To moving forward in to what he has already prepared and planned for us.

The Darkest Nights: Don't they though? All the times in life that we thought were just the worst, always bring out the most beautiful, rare qualities that each of us possess. We become capable, emboldened and fierce. We become who we are in the darkest nights.

If you receive one of Amanda's designs, feel free to give her an IG hug (aka shout out). Etsy shop: SnowandCompany.

Please don't be afraid to share your story, Friends, because you never know who might be encouraged and inspired. If you'd like to be considered as a guest designer, please reach out to me directly- bobbi@themasonbarcompany.com.


All My Best, 


Goodbye 2015 - Part 2!

This is the fun and thankful part.  : )

Thanks for putting up with my honesty session in Part 1 of the recap. Today we'll be looking into the future of 2016 and getting pumped up for so many GOOD things! But! First things first for this round of "saying goodbye". I'd like to start by thanking you, our MBC customer. You treat us so well and we are truly, truly thankful for all of your support this past year. Seriously- our customers are the BEST! Secondly I would like to thank my Landlord and his team of wonderful people. Without their insanely gracious and awesome love this year we would not be where we are... literally. I mean literally. We've been very blessed with the opportunity to be in our beautiful 3500 square foot warehouse because of their efforts. The MBC Girls and I have felt like goddess's this past year... well taken care of and I cannot find a word that ultimately describes our gratitude. Thank you Brian, Jason, Hilary, Cody and Gina. We LOVE YOU and are forever grateful! By the way, if anyone is looking for warehouse space- come check out the Micro 7 Community! We'd love to be your neighbor!! Call Gina Wertz, Realtor in Sonora. 

Aren't collaborations the funnest? Don't you just love when you see two brands come together to produce something special? I definitely do. This year we are teaming up with our friends at Farm To Kids! "FTK" is a one-for-one almond company. For every pound of almonds they sell, a pound is given to a needy child in the U.S. We are lucky enough to reside close to their headquarters and also call them friends. We will be partnering with Farm To Kids and sponsoring classrooms all across our great nation! Farm To Kids provides "clean fuel" in the form of raw almonds and The Mason Bar Company provides tumblers for clean, free, filtered water to students. To help us on our journey to providing better heath to our youth you can purchase our collaborative boxes that include the highest quality, natural California almond and an MBC 24 ounce Tumbler- both of these are nicely packaged in a pretty box for $24.95. For every box sold, a child will be sponsored. Launching January 5th!




Etsy! I know I have some die-hards reading this post... Etsy is the mecca of all things awesome, correct? It's established itself as the epicenter of possibility and greatness to all who crave an entrepreneurial lifestyle by means of creating, selling, crafting and making. Etsy is where I got my start and I've always said that I will forever be grateful to the Marketplace for its genius because it changed my life. I've decided to go back to my "homeland" and re-invent our MBC Etsy Shop. Here's the new write up on our Etsy "About" page- it will explain the new look and purpose...

This is My Story

Hi Everyone!

I have had the thrill of taking an idea, birthing it and watching it grow into a global trend. My name is Bobbi and I sold the very first Mason Jar Tumbler here on Etsy in 2011. This is my story...

In the spring of 2011, my soul had been aching for a career that would bring me joy and "spark" as I like to call it. You know, the spark that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning! As I searched for a niche, a special something that I could call my own, I held on the the bible verse Jeremiah 29:11 that says, " For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.". I had these words on repeat in my head and on my lips for six months and then my baby was born... my Mason Bar baby, here on the beautiful platform of Etsy- four years ago. Without knowing if anyone was even going to like my idea, I knew I had to give it a chance... I couldn't NOT try. That leap of faith has turned into a journey so special that I cannot keep it to myself- it must be shared with the world and this is the best way I know how to do just that.

After much thought and several epiphanies, here we are! The MBC Supply Shop is here for you because I know that with the joy this business has brought me, it can be yours as well. I've realized the past four years that we live in a very, very big world and there is room for all of us to thrive. There's nothing more fulfilling to me than to know that my silly little idea has not only provided for my family but for many others as well. The shop will supply you with the quality tools and accessories you need to either run a successful mason jar business, raise funds for your child's school or be your go-to when hosting an event.

Cheers! For we never know what tomorrow may bring. Keep your mind open and put a smile on your face because anything is possible. May your life story be one of courage and moxie!

With Gratitude and Spark,



It's been heavy on my heart to take a leap of faith into something bigger than myself and I believe this is it. This is new territory for MBC and it's a bit scary but I don't want to look back on my life and wonder if I could have done more. Since MBC has been such a beautiful part of my life- how can I keep it to myself? I can't. The Etsy shop will be structured in such a way that is honest and fair to our wholesale customers and will have guidelines for buyers. I'm really excited about this new venture - it's going to be explosive!

Lastly, we are working with a new source (disclosure coming soon) for our leather that will allow us to manufacture outside of our warehouse. This is a really big deal for us... Annie has physically cut and snapped every single cuff that has ever been produced! Due to the increase of sales it's necessary that we mass produce and believe me- we'll be supporting wonderful people all across the globe as well as here in the U.S. to bring you the same high quality and ethically made MBC cuffs. It's going to be awesome!!!

Our Friends at The Global Belief Project are always on the forefront of our minds and hearts so you can expect to see some campaigns this year that will directly support and give to their clean water projects in Northern Uganda. I also hope to be able to have the opportunity to visit them again this year in Jinja... fingers crossed for a miracle!

Well I feel like I've written a novel so thanks to everyone who actually made it this far ; ) Just so you know, there will be several other collaborations that launch this year, new MBC merchandise and of course new lid colors! I want to say thanks again for being here with us and supporting our small, hard working company. We will forever be dreaming big and hope that you will too. Cheers to a prosperous and exciting year!


All My Best,


Etsy Workshop at Port Workspace


Join us for a morning of inspiration and education!

Learn the in depth how-to’s of being an Etsy Seller. This workshop is dedicated to the ins and outs of what it means to have a successful shop and the tools that will be helpful to continue to grow your business.

The workshop will be held on Friday, March 27th, from 9:00am-11:00am

We will be providing refreshments and some yummy treats + lattes for all! Swag bags are also included- hip hip hooray!! Who doesn’t love a little swag? Our contributors are all truly amazing Etsy Makers and will be announced very soon.

Be sure to bring a notepad, iPad, or laptop and all of your questions!


Click on the “register” link to sign up!

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M B C - W O R K S H O P S // Etsy

 Hello again to all you beautiful readers! As some of you may know, The Mason Bar Co. hosted it's first ever workshop last weekend (Woot woot!!). Bobbi has wanted to start local workshops for a while now and we finally got the gumpshin to go for it. Our first little meet up this past Saturday was all about Etsy- how MBC set up it's roots, where it's taken us, and how much it's taught us to live bravely.

(Polka dot decal from Urban Walls

The morning started with lots of squeals from Bobbi and I- we like to giggle and dance when feeling joyful, because we are super duper cool. We were just so excited to have people in our little corner of life! Lattes were served, muffins enjoyed, and the beautiful people began to pour in. 

Bobbi started off the workshop by sharing a little bit about how she got started on Etsy- the many product detours, scary decisions, and wonderful lessons she has and continues to learn through the company. Some points of conversation Bobbi chose to share were things like:

-Find your PASSION

-Be resourceful

-Move forward with COURAGE


-Know your brand


HOORAY!!! It was a success! I'm sad I can't share everything that Bobbi touched on but I hope this was a fun little look into our crazy, awesome day! There were a lot of encouraged hearts and inspired souls on the premises (I being one of them) and it was truly a gift to be a part of. Check back with us to hear more about our future workshop plans and upcoming dates. 

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

-Earl Nightingale