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  • J U I C E - S E R I E S // Week (3)
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J U I C E - S E R I E S // Week (3)

Welcome back to the weekly juicing adventures of the MBC crew! This week our lovely Bobbi Jo, (fondly known as Joanie by yours truly) selected a recipe for us to taste test. I had been on a juicing high from our past two weeks of sensational recipes and was ready to gulp down another.

I showed up for work and found out we would be juicing our very own "V8"- EEK! This was NOT going to be the ultra-sweet drink I had in my head. Nevertheless we were all excited to try it!

// This recipe serves (4) 16oz tumblers //

We used:

- Celery (10 stalks)

- 1 Cucumber

- 1 Green Bell Pepper

- 6 Tomatoes

- Parsley (handful)

- 7 Carrots


Sounds pretty good right? Ann took one look at the ingredients and suggested that we needed some vodka and pepper- Bloody Mary anyone?! In all seriousness we contemplated making a booze run but had to restrain ourselves- heavily restrain ourselves!

Ok, ok back to juicing. Some helpful hints if you're wanting to try this recipe out at home:

- Buy organic celery, tomatoes, and bell peppers

- Use whole carrots, none of those baby carrots (they are soaked in bleach- YUCK!)


Don't forget to wash those ingredients!

Bobbi's pick was delightful- not sweet, but very tasty. I felt like I got in all 5 servings of vegetables in just one drink! We have been having some pretty busy days so it's been good to have our little juice boost every week. I'm super excited for next time!- Spoiler alert, I may have picked a customer's recipe =)


Until next tuesday!




  • happycustomerhappydrinkhappyearthhealthyjuicembcjuiceseriesthemasonbarteam

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