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M B C - W O R K S H O P S // Etsy

 Hello again to all you beautiful readers! As some of you may know, The Mason Bar Co. hosted it's first ever workshop last weekend (Woot woot!!). Bobbi has wanted to start local workshops for a while now and we finally got the gumpshin to go for it. Our first little meet up this past Saturday was all about Etsy- how MBC set up it's roots, where it's taken us, and how much it's taught us to live bravely.

(Polka dot decal from Urban Walls

The morning started with lots of squeals from Bobbi and I- we like to giggle and dance when feeling joyful, because we are super duper cool. We were just so excited to have people in our little corner of life! Lattes were served, muffins enjoyed, and the beautiful people began to pour in. 

Bobbi started off the workshop by sharing a little bit about how she got started on Etsy- the many product detours, scary decisions, and wonderful lessons she has and continues to learn through the company. Some points of conversation Bobbi chose to share were things like:

-Find your PASSION

-Be resourceful

-Move forward with COURAGE


-Know your brand


HOORAY!!! It was a success! I'm sad I can't share everything that Bobbi touched on but I hope this was a fun little look into our crazy, awesome day! There were a lot of encouraged hearts and inspired souls on the premises (I being one of them) and it was truly a gift to be a part of. Check back with us to hear more about our future workshop plans and upcoming dates. 

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

-Earl Nightingale

  • communitydreambigetsymbcworskshops

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