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// C O F F E E - D A T E //

Happy March everyone! Just thought I would share a few snaps of Bobbi and I's coffee date from last week. We are constantly coming up with new ideas, creating new lists, and bouncing to-do's off of one another. This past week we had SO much to get through we thought we would take advantage and grab coffee while we brainstormed. We picked Alicia's Sugar Shack, one of our favorite spots in town.

A quick drive up the hill and two double short lattes later we were nestled in our little corner ready to make our "Big Mama List" and conquer the world! Alicia's is such a sweet spot in our town. They always have delicious baked goods and the kindest staff- in short we love it!

I think if I had to choose one drink for the rest of my life, it would be this heavenly latte. It was freedom in a cup.

I love Bobbi and I's time together- we thrive off of each others insatiable need to dream big and live this life pursuing joy.  When one of us is feeling the pressure of the week, the other is always there to encourage and support. I couldn't fathom a sweeter time or a better partner in crime.


                                                        XO- Lis





  • communitydreambigthemasonbarteam

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