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  Happy Friday! As some of you may already know- we have teamed up with a local non-profit organization called Global Belief Project to give you our "Believe in Change" totes. This amazing organization founded by our dear friends, Jake and Taylor Radovich, provides water filtration systems to the people of Uganda. How did we get involved? Well, a short time ago, Bobbi felt an overwhelming desire to travel- but not just to travel for personal pleasure. She felt the need to help- to give something back and build new life. No more than a week went by when Taylor decided to introduce herself to Bobbi at their Sunday church service. All that I can say is there is a reason for hearts stirring and there is purpose in everything. Bobbi and Taylor knew that their meeting was no accident and since then we (The Mason Bar Company) have been strong supporters of the Global Belief Project and will be joining them this July in Uganda to help supply those in need with clean water. 40% of every "Believe in Change" tote purchased goes towards this amazing organization so be sure to grab yours and help support the cause!  

Global Belief Project mission statement: to provide clean drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, support, and emergency assistance to those in need throughout the world, while sharing the powerful love of Jesus.


Please feel free to visit the Global Belief Project website for more information and other ways to support this wonderful organization.




XO- Lis

  • communitydreambigglobalbeliefprojectinspiregoodwillmbctotemissionsuganda

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