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Goodbye 2015- Part 1

Oh my... 2015. You kicked my butt.

I know I don't blog very often but when I do it's because I really feel compelled to share "heart stuff". You guys know how I love to do the year in review, a recap of MBC happenings and feelings so I am writing to you now to do that plus a little more. I am going to also chat about some upcoming collaborations and shop news (Part 2!) that I believe will define the year ahead as one of greatness!

Many of you have been on this journey with me for so long that I feel it's important to share honestly... This fourth year of owning The Mason Bar Company was the hardest. Growing pains were paining me so bad that I found myself unable to think straight and function at times. Growing is great but the pain is excruciating. I screwed up in many area's of the business- I over bought inventory of one kind and not enough in another... several times. I've been so insecure about crunching numbers that simple math literally turns my stomach and um, well, that's not ok. The MBC team is so hard working (and special) that I feel like I fail them on a regular basis. They deserve better office chairs and better desks and better everything! I have felt so inadequate this past year. Most of the time I can't figure out what my problem is and then for brief moments, the fog dissipates and clarity returns. The wheels start working and all is well again. When the growing pains return, I'm back to feeling like a complete moron. (Insert the pathetic crying face emoji.)

That's my sob story in a nut shell. You're like, "Oh my gosh, what is her problem?!" I know. Right?!! Believe me, I'm with ya. But in all seriousness I share those things to say this: 2015 has taught me that lack of knowledge doesn't mean I'm a failure- It means that I will be learning and growing in new areas which will make me a stronger person and leader. My lack of focus forces me to use self control which is what I preach to my kids all day long... I can do it too! Focus. Focus. Focus. And my anxieties don't have to be so paralyzing. By attacking problems head on and proper time management -anxiety is minimal.

Can you relate to these kinds of feelings? I'm usually not such a downer and I'm never the one to have a pity party or negative attitude, BUT... again, just sharing my honest year with you. I'm learning that it's about perspective, forgiveness in ourselves and continuing on the path of passion with a mighty hustle! Right? Right.

I believe Entrepreneur's live very beautiful and adventurous lives but within the beauty and adventure lies fear like no other. It's setting sail in a ship all your own.. it's "glorious madness". Ask any Entrepreneur and they'll probably tell you there's nowhere else they'd rather be than in their boat, in the middle of the raging sea. Yep. That's how crazy this journey is and oh- what a privilege! Nowhere else I'd rather be! I am so thankful for the freedom to go, to do, and to conquer.  

Part 2 Tomorrow.    xo!




  • Bobbi Bankston

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