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// C O L D - B R E W //
Goodbye Spring, hello Summer! The days are growing longer and the California sun has finally shown it’s true colors- it is officially steaming hot! With that being said us girls at the warehouse are taking every possible precaution to beat the heat. Since coffee is one of our main food groups around here (but really) I thought it would be a good idea to try our hand at some cold brew. Could there be a better solution? I think not!
Through my many wanderings on our ever loved Instagram, I came across Seaworth Coffee Co.- an all natural, american made coffee company based in Costa Mesa, California. Each cold brew is hand-crafted, they use fair trade organic coffee beans, AND they repp the golden state. In short, we love them! Seaworth was kind enough to send us over a care package of their amazing product so that we could try it ourselves- I only have one word for you- SOLD!
Bobbi, Meg, and I selected our usual favorites to pair with Seaworth's Single Fin Sludge cold brew and the results were soooo yummy! We thought we would give you guys a few ideas if you need some cold brew inspiration so here are our top picks!
Bobbi's Choice (served in a wide 16oz)
- 6oz Seaworth Single Fin Sludge
- 6oz Unflavored Coconut Milk
- 1tsp. Sweet Beet (all natural locally made sweetener)
- Just a pinch of cinnamon
It was too amazing for words.
My pick: (served in 24oz)
- 8oz Seaworth Single Fin Sludge 
- 8oz Coconut Milk
- 1/2 oz Seaworth Coconut Simple Syrup
If you're looking for a punch of amazing flavor without the fuss of anything too sweet, this little recipe is the one for you.
Last but not least, Meg's Cold Brew: (served in regular mouth 16oz)
- 6oz Single Fin Sludge
- 6oz Coconut Milk
- 1tbsp. Raw Honey (locally made by Gold Country Honey Farms)
 Honey is always a good idea. Always.
All three of our brewskies were so so good. Seriously, we wished we had more to go around! A giant thank you to Seaworth Coffee Co. for obliging us with such an amazing cold brew. Be sure to check these guys out- they're going places!
"When there is no other solution- just choose coffee." -Yours truly
xo - Lis
// G L O B A L - B E L I E F //


  Happy Friday! As some of you may already know- we have teamed up with a local non-profit organization called Global Belief Project to give you our "Believe in Change" totes. This amazing organization founded by our dear friends, Jake and Taylor Radovich, provides water filtration systems to the people of Uganda. How did we get involved? Well, a short time ago, Bobbi felt an overwhelming desire to travel- but not just to travel for personal pleasure. She felt the need to help- to give something back and build new life. No more than a week went by when Taylor decided to introduce herself to Bobbi at their Sunday church service. All that I can say is there is a reason for hearts stirring and there is purpose in everything. Bobbi and Taylor knew that their meeting was no accident and since then we (The Mason Bar Company) have been strong supporters of the Global Belief Project and will be joining them this July in Uganda to help supply those in need with clean water. 40% of every "Believe in Change" tote purchased goes towards this amazing organization so be sure to grab yours and help support the cause!  

Global Belief Project mission statement: to provide clean drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, support, and emergency assistance to those in need throughout the world, while sharing the powerful love of Jesus.


Please feel free to visit the Global Belief Project website for more information and other ways to support this wonderful organization.




XO- Lis

// C O F F E E - D A T E //

Happy March everyone! Just thought I would share a few snaps of Bobbi and I's coffee date from last week. We are constantly coming up with new ideas, creating new lists, and bouncing to-do's off of one another. This past week we had SO much to get through we thought we would take advantage and grab coffee while we brainstormed. We picked Alicia's Sugar Shack, one of our favorite spots in town.

A quick drive up the hill and two double short lattes later we were nestled in our little corner ready to make our "Big Mama List" and conquer the world! Alicia's is such a sweet spot in our town. They always have delicious baked goods and the kindest staff- in short we love it!

I think if I had to choose one drink for the rest of my life, it would be this heavenly latte. It was freedom in a cup.

I love Bobbi and I's time together- we thrive off of each others insatiable need to dream big and live this life pursuing joy.  When one of us is feeling the pressure of the week, the other is always there to encourage and support. I couldn't fathom a sweeter time or a better partner in crime.


                                                        XO- Lis





M B C - W O R K S H O P S // Etsy

 Hello again to all you beautiful readers! As some of you may know, The Mason Bar Co. hosted it's first ever workshop last weekend (Woot woot!!). Bobbi has wanted to start local workshops for a while now and we finally got the gumpshin to go for it. Our first little meet up this past Saturday was all about Etsy- how MBC set up it's roots, where it's taken us, and how much it's taught us to live bravely.

(Polka dot decal from Urban Walls

The morning started with lots of squeals from Bobbi and I- we like to giggle and dance when feeling joyful, because we are super duper cool. We were just so excited to have people in our little corner of life! Lattes were served, muffins enjoyed, and the beautiful people began to pour in. 

Bobbi started off the workshop by sharing a little bit about how she got started on Etsy- the many product detours, scary decisions, and wonderful lessons she has and continues to learn through the company. Some points of conversation Bobbi chose to share were things like:

-Find your PASSION

-Be resourceful

-Move forward with COURAGE


-Know your brand


HOORAY!!! It was a success! I'm sad I can't share everything that Bobbi touched on but I hope this was a fun little look into our crazy, awesome day! There were a lot of encouraged hearts and inspired souls on the premises (I being one of them) and it was truly a gift to be a part of. Check back with us to hear more about our future workshop plans and upcoming dates. 

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

-Earl Nightingale