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Guest Designer- Amanda Snow


I have had the true privilege of connecting with Amanda of Snow and Company on Etsy. Not only will her story move you, her heart shows in her work. Because of the following email from her, we’ve decided to launch a “guest designer” series. Our guest designers will be featured on the back of MBC prints and we’ll be featuring their story on the blog. This MBC community is full of truly brave + inspiring people and we can't wait to share their goodness.

From Amanda: “I ordered from MBC right after my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. In the cup, there was some artwork that said "One can make a day of any size." It gave us a whole lot of hope!”

So… the prints you see here have a story behind them and to me, the background story to a product means a whole lot. Keep reading - you’ll be glad you did!

My husband (Matt) is KILLING IT. God has blown us away with Matt's healing and done a number on our hearts as well. He is working, happy and healthy. He was able to stop chemo in September and has had clear scans ever since. His next one is on Feb. 10. The doctors say that this cancer is one that could come back two years from now, fifteen years from now, anywhere in between or maybe never. But we know in our hearts that God has healed him! Prayers are always coveted.

The Story Behind the Prints:

Ever Grateful: Especially during this time with Matt and cancer, we are often so aware of what God has done and is doing for us. As we continue on in health, we don't ever want to forget what He has brought us out of. And we look forward to the future. To moving forward in to what he has already prepared and planned for us.

The Darkest Nights: Don't they though? All the times in life that we thought were just the worst, always bring out the most beautiful, rare qualities that each of us possess. We become capable, emboldened and fierce. We become who we are in the darkest nights.

If you receive one of Amanda's designs, feel free to give her an IG hug (aka shout out). Etsy shop: SnowandCompany.

Please don't be afraid to share your story, Friends, because you never know who might be encouraged and inspired. If you'd like to be considered as a guest designer, please reach out to me directly- bobbi@themasonbarcompany.com.


All My Best,