Posh Chucks

Posh Chucks


What's a Chunk? The Reason You Should Stop Using Soap!


Soap: you grab it at the grocery store somewhere on the list between eggs and milk, toss it in the cart, and don’t give it a second thought. As long as it cleans, who cares—right? Well, we care, which is why we created Chunk™ Big Bath Bars. In case you haven’t noticed, we kinda have a thing for rethinking everyday skincare items like soap and making them more pampering.

So, what makes a Perfectly Posh Chunk different from you average grocery store soap?



Our Chunks are so big they may require both hands; they’ll last for months in the shower or tub and are bigger than most soaps on the market.


Many soaps contain sulfates, which are controversial ingredients that are known to dry out skin. Other companies use them because they create a thick, foaming lather. Our Chunks don’t—contain sulfates, that is. We use other ingredients, like sustainably sourced palm oil, to create a rich lather.


Tallow is rendered animal fat added to soap to make it more moisturizing. It’s not animal-friendly and it leaves a film on your skin. We use skin-identical glycerin and plant-based butters in our Chunks instead to naturally hydrate as you cleanse.


A fancy way of saying we use naturally based fragrances in our soaps, including essential oils, for a shower or bath with added aromatherapy for luxe pampering.



A lot of soaps claim to have naturally based ingredients, but one look at the label and you’ll see how far down they are on the list. Aside from being tallow-free and sulfate-free, our Chunk bases aren’t full of fillers, which means your skin gets more naturally based butter, palm oil, and glycerin every time you cleanse.


It’s time to stop using soap and start using a Chunk. Your skin will thank you!


Bless your Heart - Peachy Perfection

Pore - Fect - Tea Tree natural Pore Clearing Bar

Dapper Dad - A smoky stirring of sweet peppercorn & bitters

Good Morning Beautiful - Lemon and Green Tea

Honey Dip - New Zealand and Manuka Honey & Green Tea

Enlightened - A big balance bar of nature

Viva Senorita - A fiesta of sea salt, Cilantro & Lime

Hunk Chunk - Pumice & Carbon Soap

Berry Happy - A super sweet Berry Bar

Peace, Love and Take a Shower - A hippie cleaner

Santa Cool - Vanilla Mint

Treat yourself - Shea Cookie Butter