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  • April Rafferty
Salad in a Jar

Summer is just around the corner! Sunshine, shorts, spaghetti strap dresses and the dreadful swim suit. For many the thought of wearing a swim suit at this moment may be a little frightening  ( at least it is for me ) . With thoughts of warmer weather, it's good motivation to add a little more salad to your diet and make a healthy change by packing your lunch to the office. Not only will you most likely notice a bit more breathing room in your pants but also a little extra cash in your pocket. And who wouldn't like a little extra cash?! Eating out comes with a hefty price tag and many hidden calories plus unhealthy fats and sugars.

With a few minutes of prep, a little creativity, you can take a no hassle one container lunch with you wherever you go. 

Here's one to try!

Chicken Spinach Salad 

2 tablespoons Lemmon Garlic Dressing ( I use Tessemae’s- it's clean, no sugar and I can read every ingredient. )

1/2  Organic Grilled Chicken Breast

3-4  Organic Cucumber Slices

1/4 cup Organic  Multi Colored Quinoa

1 Organic  Blood Orang Peeled

3  Organic Strawberries Sliced

1/2   Cup Organic Spinach


I start with the dressing on the bottom to prevent a soggy salad. When you layer your salad in the jar, think about the heaviest to lightest in the order you place your ingredients.

Cheers to a healthy week of clean eating in a Mason Jar, and don’t forget to fill your 24oz MBC tumbler a few times a day with water, add some lemon or strawberries to change it up.


MBC Wholesale Director 


  • April Rafferty

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