Become a Retailer

Thank you very much for your interest in stocking MBC Goods!

Interested in having The Mason Bar Company on your shelves? You've come to the right place. Please submit your business name, location and website address in the message box or simply contact April at

Our retail program does amazing in stores such as boutiques, home good stores, cafes, flower shops, you name it. Make sure to complete the provided form and share any info, social media links, etc that would help to give us the feel of your store. 

We can't wait to hear from you, thank you for your interest! 

We are currently taking applications for all retailers.  
Online stores for a limited time!
Have a happy day! 


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Frequently asked questions

Who do we Wholesale to?

We are currently open to all business.  
Online businesses for a limited time only.    

Do we have a MOQ?

Yes, we require a $500 opening order and $350 Reorders.

Do you offer Location Protection?

Yes, we offer Location Protection to vendors who purchase from us quarterly.  

Does MBC offer Net 30?

NET30 is available for orders $1500+

Not available on Opening Orders.