Pumpkin Smoothie, with Olivia Porter

Bonjour! We here at MBC wish all of you wonderfuls a very happy week. Today we are happy to introduce to you a good friend of ours named Olivia Porter who will be sharing with us on the blog every now and then. Liv is a health guru who has made it her mission to share her knowledge of right living with those around her. The importance of health cannot be overstated so we are so excited to have her involved and feel privileged to learn more and more about living a healthy lifestyle. She will be sharing some of her favorite recipes that are all things nutritious and good. So with that, I'm turning it over to our favorite health nut! 
Hello All!
First of all, I would like to say how excited I am to be working with these amazing women, and to to be involved in their inspiring movement with the Mason Bar Company. I went to school for Holistic Nutrition in 2012, with the assumption that I would use my degree to work exclusively, with clients, one on one, as a nutrition consultant. However, throughout the process, I had the opportunity to do so much more, including teaching classes and workshops, learning about sustainable living, and now, to write for a blog, which allows me to reach so many more people than I ever expected. I discovered new passion in the area of health, which has shaped my belief system on what the word truly means. So I thought it would be fitting to hit on a few key topics, which I believe to cumulatively sum up what we as individuals need in order to thrive. True health encompasses the whole person: body, mind, and soul. So the conclusion I've come to, is that we must have three of the following things.
 Physical Health: This includes proper nutrition, fitness, balance, strength, and endurance. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal, adapt, and grow, especially when taken care of properly. Think of it as preventative maintenance, because, while it may not seem like a priority now, I promise it will be as you get older. Its your future, so you decide how you want to spend it; healthy and active, or sick and tired. Ok I`ll be done with my rant for now!
Mental Health: This can be different for everyone, but I think its safe to say that most all people need to love, and be loved, unconditionally. Also to feel supported, passionate, capable, and motivated. Being able to accomplish goals, and share life with those you love, is what makes it worth living. This brings me to the third and most important point! Emotional health: This comes down to having faith that there is something more than this life. That there is some method to the madness of this world, and gives you a sense of purpose beyond grinding through each day just to survive. No matter how much we love them, people are just people, and will let us down at some point. Placing your trust solely in another person, is like asking to have your world turned upside down. However, believing in something more than this life, and in a Love that overcomes all, is what creates the passion to love each other in the same way, even though we know we aren't perfect.  Making it a goal to support health in each of these ways, and to share it with others everyday, is what drives my mission in this world. Most of my posts will be more practical and hands on, with daily ideas and tips for incorporating health into busy lifestyles. I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain my belief system. I hope it is helpful!! I also want to leave you with a great recipe for a seasonal smoothie which works perfectly in the mason jars, for easy transport!! I call it “Pumpkin Spice”, it is super easy to make, full of nutritional benefits, and tastes amazing!! Here is what you will need:
1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1 frozen banana

1 cup organic milk (coconut milk or hemp milk can be substituted)!
1/2 cup plain organic yogurt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1or 2 packets of stevia

1 tbls. honey 

(Makes 2 servings)  
Nutrition Facts: Calories: 171, Carbohydrates: 25g., Fat: 2g., Protein: 13g.  


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Abby on

Hi there,
I’m just wondering what is the size of the tumbler pictured? I just want to make sure I choose the right size for me before I order one. Thanks! I also can’t wait to make that smoothie it sounds delish :)

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