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An Ode to the Season



Seeing how it is getting mighty close to one of our favorite holidays (gobble gobble!), the team thought it would be nice to reflect on what we are grateful for in this beautiful life. All too often life can begin to shrink into nothing but deadlines and to do lists- this Thanksgiving we are striving to be present and aware of the precious blessings that occur in the ordinary. What we may find mundane in the daily routine can easily be small miracles, if only our hearts and minds were attentive to them. So, out of hearts of humble gratitude, here are few of the countless things we are thankful for:

  • Our big God
  • Freedom
  • Our wonderful Country
  • Our Families
  • Our little Mountain Town
  • This Dream Job
  • Team Prayers
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Twinkle Lights
  • Giggle Fits
  • Siracha Mayo (no judging!)


Have a cozy friday!


Lis and Bobbi


  • themasonbarteam

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