Purple Color Shift Rust Proof Band

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Purple Color Shift Rust Proof Band

Purple Color Shift Rust Proof Band

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Band Size Wide Mouth

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These are sold INDIVIDUALLY, One per sale (not 3 as pictured) 

Black Color Shift Stainless Steel (Rust Proof) Band

Hand Wash Only, dry immediately


Due to the coloring process, you may find small / pinhole size color imperfections on the inside of your band.  

Not for canning – We have had a few reports that they can come loose. Other customers have reported they work fine, but we are not recommending them for canning as a precaution.

Includes (1) Stainless Steel Mason Jar Replacement Band

Wide mouth bands measure 3 1/4 inches round. (fits 16, 24 and 32 ounce wide mouth jars)

Regular mouth bands measure 2 3/4 inches round. (fits 8, 12, 16, 32 ounce regular mouth jars)

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