Metal Boba Straw

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Metal Boba Straw

Metal Boba Straw

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Straw Color Mermaid Straight

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Metal straws for your sipping pleasure!

Works best with our 24 oz and 32 oz jars, but works great for all sizes of both short and tall mason jars. We Love these slimmer straws for every day sipping! For smoothies, please consider the standard acrylic straws. Metal straws are a great choice when drinking essential oils in your water.


Each straw measures 9" approx 14mm Boba 

Colors: Mermaid (Color Shifting) - adding more colors soon!

“If you want to save the humankind, you should first take care of Nature.
It's the legacy that we leave behind, That brings us hope, that's for sure!”
― Ana Claudia Antunes, The Fairies of the Four Seasons: The Dance of Time

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Straws sold individually