Golden Hour Cozy

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Golden Hour Cozy
Golden Hour Cozy
Golden Hour Cozy
Golden Hour Cozy

Golden Hour Cozy

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Cozy Size Tall

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This cozy screams Fall with its warm, rich colors, but keeps summer alive with its fun shapes!

This cozy will keep your hands cool and your drink hot (or the other way around)!

  • Fits snugly around your Mason Jars
  • Slips on like a ring -- no muss, no fuss!
  • Keeps those drinks insulated!
  • Keeps condensation off your glass (<~ The best part right?!)
  • Nice and wide to handle all your fingers (3.5 in./9 cm)
  • Handmade with  quality fabric 
  • A little stretchy, very soft, and machine washable, lay flat to dry
  • Your pattern may vary slightly from the pictures :)
  • Attention to detail ... Straight Seams, no serger lines
  • Multiple designs to pick from!

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* This listing for the Cozy only, tumbler set sold separately

Pictured: The MBC 24 with our Aspen Green MBC Lid, Black ColorShifting rust proof band, yellow 9" glass straw and the Pineapple Love Cozy


Standard: Fits 24oz, 16oz Wide, 16oz Regular Mouth

Tall: Fits 24oz 

Jumbo: 32oz Regular  & 32oz Wide Mouth