J U I C E - S E R I E S // Week (2)


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Let me just start out by saying that tuesday is our new favorite "work" day at the warehouse! The MBC juice series is an official keeper in our book. This week was Ann's turn- she decided to choose a recipe from Choosing Raw. We all showed up prepared to be blown away yet again and Ann's recipe definitely did not disappoint! 

// This recipe serves (4) 16oz tumblers //

 We used:

- 4 cucumbers

- 1/2 lemon (squeezed)

- 2 pears

- 2 handfuls fresh mint

- 2 cups spinach 

Once we washed our produce and sliced the bigger fruits and veggies we were ready to juice! This recipe was much easier to prep than last weeks, if your looking for a quick juice on the go.

Random fact about how I juice- I put the denser produce through the juicer first (apple, cucumber, pear, carrot, celery, etc.). It probably makes no difference but I have a little voice in my head that believes the juicer will perform better when the smaller, more fine veggies (mint, parsley, spinach, etc) are juiced last, that way it doesn't gunk up the blade until the end. Logical? Who knows, but I keep doing it!


First thoughts during my first sips- absolutely delicious, super refreshing, freedom in a cup. That pretty much sums it up. Ann's pick is by far one of my favorite I've ever juiced. All of us girls were surprised at how sweet this juice was without being overpowering (some juice can get a little nectar/syrup tasting).

We all felt bright-eyed and ready to conquer the day! Which was good because we filmed our crazy awesome MBC video that day and pretty much nailed it =)  


Another memorable tuesday for the Mason Bar Team. Us girls can't get over how inspired and encouraged we feel every time we share a day working, laughing, and sharing yummy drinks with each other. We are truly blessed by this life we have the opportunity to share. God is good, and so is juice.



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Debbie Mittmann on

This is incredibly AWESOME!!!! Congrats on the new MBC website/blog and all. Love you dearly and Praising God for HIS favor on you!!!!! Ly xoxoxoxo Deb

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