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J U I C E - S E R I E S // Week (4)

And so the Saga continues with week four- hold on to your hats ladies and gents! This week was my second opportunity to choose our juice recipe- yeahhh buddy!!! I went on our Instagram feed and found a customer MBC recipe that looked amazing- Thanks Miko!  

 /// This recipe serves (3) 12oz jars ///

We used:

- 4 Green Apples

- 4 Celery Stalks

- 1 handful Spinach

- 1 handful Parsley

- 4 Red Cabbage leaves

- 1/2 squeezed Lime

- 1" Ginger

Some health facts about a few of our ingredients:

- Red cabbage contains large amounts of Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium, and Vitamin K.

- Ginger helps with nausea, can ease muscle pain, and helps a case of cold or flu.

-Lime helps with digestion, is rich in antioxidants, and even helps rejuvenate your skin!


As you can see, this recipe turned out beautifully and and was so so so yummy! I know I keep saying this every week but I really do think this one is my new fav. I hope our little series has encouraged some of you to try out some fun new ways to integrate fresh produce into your week. If any of you are feeling daring and decide to try a new recipe, please share it with us via Instagram and use the hashtag #mbcrecipes. We view all of our customer posts and love to hear from all of you beautiful people- who knows, we may choose your recipe next week! 


Happy February!


J U I C E - S E R I E S // Week (3)

Welcome back to the weekly juicing adventures of the MBC crew! This week our lovely Bobbi Jo, (fondly known as Joanie by yours truly) selected a recipe for us to taste test. I had been on a juicing high from our past two weeks of sensational recipes and was ready to gulp down another.

I showed up for work and found out we would be juicing our very own "V8"- EEK! This was NOT going to be the ultra-sweet drink I had in my head. Nevertheless we were all excited to try it!

// This recipe serves (4) 16oz tumblers //

We used:

- Celery (10 stalks)

- 1 Cucumber

- 1 Green Bell Pepper

- 6 Tomatoes

- Parsley (handful)

- 7 Carrots


Sounds pretty good right? Ann took one look at the ingredients and suggested that we needed some vodka and pepper- Bloody Mary anyone?! In all seriousness we contemplated making a booze run but had to restrain ourselves- heavily restrain ourselves!

Ok, ok back to juicing. Some helpful hints if you're wanting to try this recipe out at home:

- Buy organic celery, tomatoes, and bell peppers

- Use whole carrots, none of those baby carrots (they are soaked in bleach- YUCK!)


Don't forget to wash those ingredients!

Bobbi's pick was delightful- not sweet, but very tasty. I felt like I got in all 5 servings of vegetables in just one drink! We have been having some pretty busy days so it's been good to have our little juice boost every week. I'm super excited for next time!- Spoiler alert, I may have picked a customer's recipe =)


Until next tuesday!




J U I C E - S E R I E S // Week (2)


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Let me just start out by saying that tuesday is our new favorite "work" day at the warehouse! The MBC juice series is an official keeper in our book. This week was Ann's turn- she decided to choose a recipe from Choosing Raw. We all showed up prepared to be blown away yet again and Ann's recipe definitely did not disappoint! 

// This recipe serves (4) 16oz tumblers //

 We used:

- 4 cucumbers

- 1/2 lemon (squeezed)

- 2 pears

- 2 handfuls fresh mint

- 2 cups spinach 

Once we washed our produce and sliced the bigger fruits and veggies we were ready to juice! This recipe was much easier to prep than last weeks, if your looking for a quick juice on the go.

Random fact about how I juice- I put the denser produce through the juicer first (apple, cucumber, pear, carrot, celery, etc.). It probably makes no difference but I have a little voice in my head that believes the juicer will perform better when the smaller, more fine veggies (mint, parsley, spinach, etc) are juiced last, that way it doesn't gunk up the blade until the end. Logical? Who knows, but I keep doing it!


First thoughts during my first sips- absolutely delicious, super refreshing, freedom in a cup. That pretty much sums it up. Ann's pick is by far one of my favorite I've ever juiced. All of us girls were surprised at how sweet this juice was without being overpowering (some juice can get a little nectar/syrup tasting).

We all felt bright-eyed and ready to conquer the day! Which was good because we filmed our crazy awesome MBC video that day and pretty much nailed it =)  


Another memorable tuesday for the Mason Bar Team. Us girls can't get over how inspired and encouraged we feel every time we share a day working, laughing, and sharing yummy drinks with each other. We are truly blessed by this life we have the opportunity to share. God is good, and so is juice.



J U I C E - S E R I E S // Week (1)

 It's the New Year and we all know what that means- time for 2014 resolutions! Earlier this month us girls, (Bobbi, Annie, & myself) went for coffee to chat about our hopes, ideas, and plans for the coming year. One of Bobbi's resolutions was to juice once a week right here in our shop, not only as a personal goal but as a fun way to start our week and connect with our beautiful juicing customers. Of course Ann and I were on board the second she finished her sentence! Juicing while we work? Sign me up! And so began our juicing adventure. 

Here's what to expect from our weekly series: Every tuesday we will be trying out a different juice recipe we thought up, found online, or chose from a lovely customer. The three of us will be taking turns each week trying out our chosen recipe. I'm sure we will happen upon a few blunders but hey, it's all about trying new things and finding ways to integrate healthy goodness into the day to day.

 This past tuesday was our very first Juicing day and guess who was up first? Yep, yours truly. Thankfully, juicing has been a part of my lifestyle for over a year so I was excited to share with the girls one of my favorite juicing recipes. It's one that I've come to adore- totally simple but oh so delicious. 

Here's what I used (serves 4):

-12 large green apples

-1/8 fresh lemon

- 6 full kale leaves

- 6 full swiss chard leaves

- 2 cucumbers

  Some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your juicing experience:

I'm in no way an expert on juicing- honestly most the time I just throw it in there and pray it turns out to be drinkable. However, there are a few tips that I have learned from friends and personal research that can make juicing easier and more effective, so here it goes!

(1) ALWAYS wash your fruits and veggies thoroughly! I cannot stress this enough! Your best bet is to let your produce soak for a few minutes in clean water. There are organic sol

utions that are fantastic for cleaning produce but I will share that at a later time =)

(2) Choose your produce wisely. If you have any knowledge of pesticides, GMO's, and other harmful chemicals being shot up in our food you know the importance of selecting your groceries carefully. Since I don't want to go on a crazy, long tangent, my best advice is to research the basics such as the "Clean Fifteen" and the "Dirty Dozen" of produce. It should help you get started! 

(3) Always peel your apples! Did you know that apples are coated with harmful chemicals like petroleum to prolong their shelf life? The next time you eat an apple, try taking a sharp knife and gliding it firmly over the skin. What you find will shock you. 

Phew! I think that's enough information to thoroughly freak you out but I wanted to share these few facts that have truly changed the way I juice. 

Moving on! Here's a break down of the details that went into the juicing process:

- Washed all produce

- Peeled green apples/ chopped into quarters

- Chopped cucumber into large slices (don't peel)

- Separated kale and swiss chard leaves

- Cut fresh lemon into 1/8 (only need one) 

 Voila! Less than five minutes later we had our juice in hand. Ann said I passed with flying colors as she went on her way leather working. As for me I thought it tasted like sweet apple cider. Of course I knew the the most important person I needed to win over was our juicing newbie, Bobbi. I wish I got a picture of her face when she took a sip, so priceless! She squealed out a typical Bobbi-esque response, "Oh my gosh it's AMAZING!!!". 

I want to share all of the amazing health benefits of this leafy concoction but I'll have to do it another day. First juicing week was an absolute success and we three can't wait for next Tuesday! 



Stay tuned for Annie's recipe next week!

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Bye for now!