The Mason Bar Company 24oz Mason Jar Tumbler Set

Your most FAQ's about our Best Selling 24oz Mason Jar Tumbler Set - The MBC 24!

The Mason Bar Company Mason Jar Tumbler Set

The Mason Bar Company 24oz Mason Jar Tumbler Set

Pictured: The MBC 24 with our Aspen Green Lid and yellow 9" glass straw

"In the summer of 2011, the idea of the Mason Jar Drinking Lid was born in the small mountain town of Sonora, CA. Since then the goal to provide others with an eco friendly, American made product for hydration has been our main endeavor. Mason Jars are a forever loved household item that seemlessly incorporates american history, nostalgia, and style to the everyday "to go cup."

I get asked daily ... What is the 24?

Is it dishwasher safe? YES!

Does the lid come with the jar? YES!

Does it fit in your cupholders? YES AGAIN!!

"Can you give me all the deets on the MBC 24?"

YESSS! You've come to the right place!

There are literally thousands of glasses to choose from for drinking purposes, but drinking from a mason jar is hands down my favorite. "Mason Jars" are typically used to canning purposes, but it surprisably makes a chic + eco friendly reusable drinking cup. Add our mason jar resuable lid with the straw hole and you have an "on the go" drinking tumbler that will be your new favorite!

So what actually is included with the new MBC 24?

What does

"The MBC 24 even mean?!

As a business owner, its always easy to forget that not everyone knows your verbiage. Many of you are seasoned MBC tribe and have been here since the beginning in 2011. But many of you are new here. So I figured this was the perfect opportunity to reintroduce our products and get the deets on whats included etc.

The MBC 24 is our 1st branded mason jar (Eeeek! Yay! I'm still actually pinching myself). The excitment is still hard to contain. I'm still really in shock that I was able to design and actually put into large scale production my own mason jar.

That in itself is rewarding. But seeing how much you all love them, is all that I need. All the sweat, hard work and hours to make it happen, we're all worth it.

Why the hype? What's sooooo great about this mason jar?

It's best feature is it fits in your cupholders. It make's "on the go" easy and convienient. It's also glass which make's it light to carry and of course eco friendly is always at the top of our list. Anyway we can help the enviornment is a win for us.

Did you know that billion's upon billion's of plastic waste is choking our rivers, lakes, oceans and enviornment daily. It is estimated that the world throw's out approximately 500 billion single use plastic cups every year. Every. Single. Year. Can you believe that?

Here is a few statics from (which is a great resource on how to be more eco friendly)

  • Approximately 16 billion single use coffee cups are thrown out each year. These are lined with plastic to laminate the inside of the single use cup to keep your drink's warm.
  • In the US alone, 500 million single use plastic straw's are used each day. (

So .... What's included in the MBC 24oz tumbler set?

  • The 24oz Mason Bar Company branded lead free glass mason jar
  • Your choice of our MBC wide mouth mason jar lid (24 colors available to choose from)
  • Your choice of a 9" acrylic straw (10 colors to choose from)
  • Silver wide mouth mason jar band

The MBC 24 - Your new best friend!

If being earth friendly in on your list of things to do in 2022, let us help!! Our best seller will be your new best friend. I have found that drinking from a clear glass where you can see your drink helps me to consume more liquids throughout the day.

  • Fits in your cupholders
  • Eco Earth Friendly
  • Infinately reusable
  • Perfect addition to your low waste journey
  • Sustainable
  • Non - Toxic
  • Versatile

Switching to a glass mason jar tumbler is a fun, affordable and achievable way to live a healthier life on a healthier, happier planet.

One of my favorite things about this jar is switching out the lid color to match my outfit or my drink. And with 24 colors to choose from, choosing a coordinating color is easy!

Love Mason Jars but hate the rusty bands? We have a solution to that too. Our rust proof bands are sprayed in house and come in a variety of colors. Upgrading to our Rust Proof bands make's the whole set perfect!

"Ya, but don't glass jars sweat? Ugh, I dont't want to set this on my desk and have condensation all over!!"

We got you covered there too. We have a full line of cozy's, silicone sleeves and cable knit cozy's in many size's, print's and color's to choose from to keep your glass condensation free.

Mason Jar Tumbler Set The 24 Mason Jar Lid


  • One of our favorite thing's about this business .... We are made in the USA!
  • Branded with the Mason Bar Company logo
  • Holds 24oz of hot or cold liquid
  • Use's a wide mouth mason jar lid
  • Threaded to keep your jar's spill free
  • Our glass jar's are Lead Free
  • Our lid's are BPA & Phthlate free. Free of all the yuckies!
  • Yes, it will fit in your cupholder's. You're very welcome :)
  • We offer rust proof (Yay!) band's in a variety of color's to keep the jar's secure from spilling.
  • We offer a full line of cozy's to keep your jar from sweating.
  • Our lid's fit on any standard size mason jar. Yes, those jar's that grandma passed down will work too. Any standard size regular mouth or wide mouth mason jar will work.
  • AND ... you will be amazed at the pasta jar's that will work with our lid's as well (another blog on that soon!)

** Please note: Our mason jar's are not tested for canning purpose's. Please can at your own risk. They have been tested for drinking purpose's only. Also, when adding hot or warm liquids to ANY mason jar, make sure to add the liquid to the jar at room temperature. Adding any hot or warm liquid to ANY glass jar that is cold will cause cracking and potentially shattering. It is recommended that you do not store your jars in the refrigerator, freezer or cold place (example: garage) prior to use. Please make sure to allow the jar's to come to room temperature before using.

How does it work?

Simple. Take any mason jar, remove the silver canning lid, replace with our resuable MBC lid with a straw hole, insert your straw, secure your band and you're done!! Easy Peasy!

Mason Jar Lid Tumbler
Mason Jar with canning lid
Mason Jar Band
Iced Coffee Mason Jar Tumbler

Add a cute cozy to help with condensation and you're all set!

Condensation Free Mason Jar Tumbler Set

"Way cuter than carrying around a Yeti! This is adorable! I get compliments on this when I take it somewhere. It's just too cute to leave at home.”

The mason bar company 24oz mason jar tumbler set
The mason bar company 24oz mason jar tumbler set
Rust Proof Mason Jar Band
Reusable Eco Earth Friendly Straws
Wood Bamboo Mason Jar Lid
Mason Jar Cuff

I hope this answers most of your questions about the MBC 24. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for alerts on our next publish! PS, recipes will now be added to these blogs as well :) Signup below. Cheers! April

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